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  • Hey people,

    The server population is declining everyday with people leaving for various reasons, but ORP abuse is the main factor. The amount of time needed to catch someone online, setup a fob, raid and then for around 80% of raids to end in combat logging (in my year of experience here) is crazy. With 3 days protection from all now and full ORP, PvP is just not encouraged.

    Changes have to made to revitalise this PvP cluster and stop so many tribes from leaving. My suggestion is to remove full ORP and replace it with a new system. This new system would have highly increased turret damage and structure hp when someone is offline. This means that yes logging off can be abused, but the persons base can still be raided. I would love to see the server population increase to what it was and for tribes to feel like they can actually raid without so many barriers and worries.

    Please as always feel free to discuss below and let me know your thoughts. I am sure we can all agree that the server has been slowly dying for a few months now and something needs to be changed.

  • It would also be nice to see a lot more active and regular things like events and input from admins and owners. This comes from someone who cares about gd and is saddened by the lack of people playing it. Like x2 farming events etc

  • As one of few crazy people who mostly plays on The Island ( I know, I know, you don’t think I’m normal :P ) - What I saw on The Island alone. It had some very nice peaks in player base. What goes wrong there? Well, a lot of people think it’s PvE, instead of going for fast levels and setting up some primary defenses, they just build and tame. Ofcourse, their own fault for getting raided easily. But I also did notice that often bigger tribes kept going after recent spawns. It’s kind of the reason why people probably came to check out GD, getting away from the total abuse on official servers 8o

    I saw a lot of people come and go, either being wiped or just quitting and moving on. Reasons unknown to some, some think it’s PvE and people won’t attack them ( I don’t really fight, but hey, I survived this long ), some get picked on often.

    What I would propose - The Island is pretty much a main starting point for a lot of players. Perhaps try to get it populated and slowly encourage people to build and get strong there. If they do get to a certain point where they can easily go back after being wiped, they might as well try and go play on other servers. As I said, a daily player here, since december, I’ve seen all of this happen plenty of times. Back when we first joined the server and were just leveling, people like Chuck who was just being chuck would come in with OP stuff and raid fresh spawns. It’s actually a bit... You know... A * move :S Altho we did bait them at that time to go after outpost, so we didn’t really experience being completely wiped, but that was one of the reasons a lot of people left. It just gives them that general official feeling what most are probably trying to avoid. I know, it’s PvP, some people don’t really understand that, some judge too fast, but it can be rather discouraging for newcomers to just get toyed with from one of the stronger tribes without any particular need.

  • I completely agree with your point as well. For months stone bases or people on their first day are being wiped by advanced tribes. and it is hard to get the best of both worlds, as i get that for some removing orp won't be very appealing to some.

  • I completely agree with your point as well. For months stone bases or people on their first day are being wiped by advanced tribes. and it is hard to get the best of both worlds, as i get that for some removing orp won't be very appealing to some.

    Yeah, stone bases are kinda funny. I guess people think others will avoid them if they stay in a stone 4x4 for a month :P But, than again, it is PvP. I guess you have to see who stays and who leaves /shrug

    ORP is rather interesting. What I always had in mind since I first joined. I saw some nice advanced, fully turreted bases just decay away, people stop playing and you just stand there watching the turrets follow you as you move around them with a tear in your eye :D I think I did kind of ask for this to change once. Perhaps (if not a holiday mode request or stuff of that kind), lift of the ORP on last 2 or 3 days, give people a chance to raid it instead of letting it decay /shrug_some_more

  • Honestly I challenge anybody to go raid on this server and for no form of ORP abuse to happen. Every time a raid is started or you even just look for pvp people combat log. People are leaving for other clusters everyday and if it isn't changed I doubt any form of regular long term players will stay.

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  • I like it how it is now. I like both pvp and pve, and here I get both worlds. When I log off I don't have to worry about next time I log in I have nothing left becuse someone that doesnt have a work or school can sit up all night soaking my turrets. I've played on servers that have like 3x-5x turret and structure dmg, and it doesn't help much, just makes it so that soaking takes a little longer, or you just have to use a couple of more soakers, no big deal.

    What you could do about the orp we have now is maybe change the log off timer to 60min. Becuse then the combat loggers could still loose.

  • For me.... I lost over 2.4k hours in an official server. and I was asleep. when i came back my entire base was gone. all my tames gone. everything. every last thing......

    SO. I love this server and the settings that are made. call me what you want but I can't say enough that losing ALL of that hurts a Lot. I lost another 1.1k hours on Official SE server. and you know I can't get any of it back cause I waited so long. Oh well Soak my turrets I'll make more ammo. you want a fight then fight me. you want to be my ally then be my ally.

    I'm putting time and effort into playing with some friends. So I like the settings just the way they are and so does my Wife to be. PvE can stay PvE As long as I have something to risk I'm willing to fight. Enough said!.

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