PvP Cluster Wipe

  • Should we wipe the PvP cluster and remove GlassMetal from the servers? 72

    1. Yes (56) 78%
    2. No (16) 22%


    we received information that GlassMetal is causing the disconnection issues that are happening on some of our servers. We tested some actions on an other server without GlassMetal and had no issues at all.
    We then decided to remove GlassMetal from the PvP Cluster but found that the server isn't starting without the GlassMetal mod. Therefore the only solution to remove it would be an entire wipe of our PvP cluster.

    Since this is a huge task we want you to make this decision.

    Should we wipe the PvP cluster and remove GlassMetal from the servers?

  • I do not know if this works, but could people have the time to move their valuables + dinos to one specific server of the cluster, store it there, have the other 2 wiped, take it back and get the third one wiped? Then people could keep their most valuable stuff (elements / dinos / blueprints) and the servers would get wiped. It all depends on the servers being wipeable spereately or not.

  • Werden auch Änderungen an den Transfer-Möglichkeiten vorgenommen?
    Beispielsweise dass man auf Island Lvl 150 als Maximal-Lvl hat und dann zwischen Island und Center ebenfalls transferieren kann.

  • so first there is no possiblety to save some dinos because IF we need to wipe everything in the cluster..

    lvl 150 wild is thing that we want to do if it comes to a wipe =)

    the problem because transfering between center and island was not allowed was the wild lvl differnce we will discuss that in our team if we will change that

  • Steht ein ende der Umfrage fest ?

    Und werden wir zeitgerecht informiert wenn die Server Gewiped werden ?

    Sonntag 20 Uhr ist Ende der Umfrage. Und ja werdet ihr.

  • Kommt mit dem Wipe auch ein neues Level Cap (für Spieler), das vor paar Monaten mal eine Überlegung war?

    Beispiel: Level 150 + PT (74?) + XP (175) = 399. 400+ wäre dann Zucht. Ansonsten wäre Lvl 524 als Standard möglich und nichts für Ungut, aber das ist dann doch etwas übertrieben. Vor allem, wenn man Quetz, Giga, Wyvern und Golem bedenkt.

    Das reduzierte Player-Level würde auch dazu beitragen, dass Spieler nicht mehr sonderlich unbesonnen agieren können und stärker abwägen müssen, welche Eigenschaft(en) sie ausprägen, was es widerum für kleinere Tribes etwas einfacher macht, sich gg. größere/stärkere Tribes zu verteidigen. Bei einem Spieler mit 1500 HP und guter Rüssi bringen nämlich selbst die außerordentlichen Waffen aktuell relativ wenig, was den PvP-Aspekt mindert und fast alles auf die Tiere ablädt.

    Bei der Gelgenheit, bleibt dann auch die 15x Rate, oder reicht nicht eigentlich auch 10x? Müsste doch die Serverlast beim Farmen reduzieren und zudem schwerer machen, übertrieben große Basen/Turrets zu craften, was dann auch bei Raids zu weniger Lag führt.

  • cl_noob, I think we should not change player level from 301 to 150, in my opinion player max should be 301 or even more, BUT player xp should be like 5x or smth, so you wouldn't get to it so quick, im sorry if this isn't what you said but I used google translator. However your right that dinos should not be able to get 300 levels from their base lvl after taming.

  • Hi ;)

    Mein Tribe ist für das Wipen ;)

  • im sorry if this isn't what you said but I used google translator

    Ok, let me translate it then to show you my reasoning:

    Is a new level cap (for players) coming with that wipe, what has been a consideration a few months ago?

    Example: Level 150 + PT (74?) + XP (175) = 399. 400+ would be breeding. Otherwise lvl 524 would be the possible standard and no offense, but that's over the top. Especially when you mind the Quetz, Giga, Wyvern and Golem.

    A decreased player level would also be conducive to players' decisions when it comes to acting less reckless and have to weigh more which attributes they want to increase, which again makes it a bit easier for smaller tribes to defend against bigger/stronger tribes.

    Even ascendant weapons are not really suitable when it comes to a player with 1500 HP and good armor, what leaves the "PvP" aspect pretty much to animals only.

    On this occasion, will the rate of x15 stay or isn't a lower rate of x10 not already enough? Should lower the workload of and for the server and furthermore make it more difficult to craft extremely oversized bases/many turrets, what again would lower the server lag when it comes to a raid.

    Under the bottom line: I agree with you, that the max level for tamed creatures should be lowered (if the overall wild spawn level is increased and with it the taming bonus) but disagree that it should stay or be increased for players. The stack mod already makes up for the weight. If you add too many levels it is just crap. Besides server performance the unit aka dino limit was the right choice, like it is usual in strategy games like StarCraft. Players have to be and play smart with that kind of limit(ation) and not the one with the most stuff wins, like it often was in the older C&C series. Lowering both dino and player level would require people to think twice about their next step.

    I know from own experience that it takes quite some time to change levels by hand, but imho the benefits outweigh the disadvantages which are basically just "I want higher numbers".

    Try 'n play on a level 1000 server once and see how rubbish it is for yourself mate. Too many levels destroy the meaning of the game. Just my 2 cents. :)

  • Alright, thanks for translation cl_noob, about the player lvl cap, I've myself never plaid in lvl 1000 servers, becouse ive mostly plaid official before this server.

    However it is good thing in my opinion that smaller tribes can defend against bigger tribes more successfully.

  • PLEASE do this, the pvp is currently dominated by tribes, and there are many really good tribes who would do well with a wipe, it would make the server fun again :D plus Glassmetal seems unnessecary, especially with S+ glass walls etc. which are better. Finally, it would be a good chance to add any mods people have been asking for and to change alot of the settings. I hope this happens soon, im not really playing atm but i'll start again if its wiped :D