Platfrom Plus Broken after the homestead update , any workarounds?

  • hey everyone!

    i havent been playing too much after the homestead update (mostly waiting for the s+ fix :D, you never know what "unknown features" may have been introduced).
    I've heard and today can confirm that platform plus snap points have gone FUBAR. take a look at these


    as you can see, the parts wont snap with any angle. and since the mod author left and i dont see anyone working on the open source mod, im assuming this is either never gonna be fixed or it will take A Long time.
    anyone has any workarounds? i figured out what to do with full wedges. i'll just snap them to walls. but what about other parts ? (inner wedges and outer wedges most importantly)

  • I've read on reddit that this porblem is fixed and all we need to do is reinstall the mod, but that sounds a bit cheesy. I will check this on the test server this weekend, I don't want to risk losing existing platforms.

  • thanks Dia!
    i figured out that shape before the update broke everything and as i said, full wedges are np. but the problem is inner and outer ones since they dont snap to walls, they only snap to other wedges. i have an idea for them though. i'll test it out and share it here if it works.

    thanks Gunnsen ! caution first. looking forward to the results. i might try it on another test server aswell.

    there are soooo many things that you can do with platforms + triangle and normal foundations

  • i found a solution ! but its not "convenient" by any means. its practically torture!

    the idea is to artificially create the "tilt" that the inner wedges need to snap with full wedges and use further wedges as snap point. end result will be something like this

    im gonna explain how i did it, images related to each text will be below that text.i'll be using glass so you can see whats going on but you can use whatever

    as you can see , this is a Huge pain in the ass. considering you'll need to do it 11-12 times for a full platfrom and that it took 1 click before the patch fiasco!

  • GG WC, next patch: Auction House's monkey will be wild and you have to tame them every time you want to access their inventory. Mailbox will behave like Pratchett's Luggage and you will have a lot of fun with it.

  • No solution, broken mod, I have hopes that orionsun will fix it. He just announced he will do fixes to structures + and participate in the next modding contest, so maybe he will get to this too