Plant X problems

  • I'm having a problem with my plant x not shooting.

    I have around 30, but only very few of them are shooting.

    They're set to high distance and shoot everthing.

    They have water and fertilizer.

    Anyone else experiencing that, or know what to do about it?

  • Don't set your plants to shoot everything, only wild dinos. If you set them to include tames and players, then they will still shoot but won't hurt, and it's 1)waste of fert, 2) annoying as hell when plants shoot at you when passing by.

  • I have my plants set to shoot only wild dinos - On Island it works fine but on Abb they shoot players and their tames too despite being set to target only wild dinos. Im on PVE so it doesnt hurt - but yeah super annoying and idk what to do about it.

    EDIT: Fixed my problem by creating a tribe - dont get it but not asking too many questions