My house and dinos are no more

  • My house and everything around it was deleted and dinos as well. I was in server in morning around 7.25 everything was ok and still in place and as usual got lag-timeout and went to work. Ingame name Boby Lopato ; steam id: 76561198044541749

    In this video from twith you can see that 3 days ago a had a lot

  • Hi.

    Today i was on PvE Island and destroy old bases, where timer was older than 7 days and

    cleared some decayed structures.

    Did you have more than one base ? And you wasn`t there the last 7 days ?

  • there was one other player beermaker near me with that timer

    and i got few dinos from that guy you can see in first pic provided that my tribemate claimed them

    In twitch video in 10:12 time you can see that i look at that thing

  • I think you have some old wood / thatch structures in the world

    ( maybe old base ) i have destroyed and so i have destroyed all from

    tribe, thats what we do.

    i dont delete / destroy active tribes.

    But there was many structrures i destroyed and i will not say i have

    not taken a mistake.

    I can offer you that you get some stuff back.

  • I started new after first wipe and i had only one building that was out of base was tree platform

    and my thatch boulding that i made to build piping netwotk was 3 days old

    Would be nice to get some back.