• We are offering:

    Reaper King - 50GC / clone (No element needed)

    Rex - 7GC spayed/neutered, 50GC bredable

    Snow owl - 5GC spayed/neutered, 40GC breedable

    Also selling an arthropleura. Discord for more info

    Cloning service

    • We are offering to clone your creatures at a price of 0.0045GC per element shard. The final price is rounded down
    • Want to know how many shards are needed to clone your creature? Hit me on discord! I will calculate it for you
    • If you supply your own element, cloning cost is 5GC per clone, regardless of species


    • Our blueprint list isn't long, but we hope you will find what you need!
    • You can find a list of our saddles and armor BP's here
    • Weapons and tools are here
    • List of Extinction creature BP's is here

    If you have found anything that interests you, contact me on Discord: