Managarmrs from a PvP aspect

  • I think a lot of people feel like the current PvP / open world PvP meta is pretty much just spamming freeze with manas and there is no chance to fight back against one without having (a better) one of your own.

    This makes the actual combat really...meh... and winner is almost 100% decided by the factor of which one has more armor and dmg and there are no real ways counter manas with any other tames either. Makes it feel like moving around with any other tame is close to a suicide.

    But since they are really fun tames to use as scouts and have a decently high dps with a lot of mobility, would be a waste to for example completely remove them from the game.

    Here's a few options that I think that might help to fix the issue (not 100% sure if some things are possible to adjust so please let me know):

    1. Change the freeze so that it does not freeze tames that are mounted

    2. if option 1. isn's possible, completely remove the freezing effect

    3. Make the freezing effect last only a few frames and make the time required to freeze anything a lot longer

    Let me know what yall think :)

  • not a bad setup for manas but I dont think people want to replace the current ones and this mod would require to wipe all current ones and spawn the modded mana's as a new species in their place

  • Perhaps a server side .ini edits to nerf them a bit?

  • They are, the only one I am not certain about is the one with stamina. Increasing the value there should increase the drain. In reality, it should work for a specific dino just like the other ones do. If there is an additional line that can adjust manas stamina recharge rate, you can pretty much put a server wide nerf, it would take more time to regain enough stamina before it could freeze again, the freeze would cost more and the damage it takes can also be increased. But thats up to admins to sort out :P