[PvP] Remove managarmr from PvP

  • No , why are we even discussing removing A DINO from the game, thats just weird XD

    I am not any way near good with managarmrs and laptop freezes everytime i use one of them due to a horrible gfx for a good 3 mins, in those 3 mins a lot can happen as you know.

    but do you see me crying about it and asking for it to be removed?

    cmon guys when you play a game, and a new thing(hero/mechanic/dino) gets released, do you learn how to deal with it, use it and counter it, or do you just cry for the developers or the server admins to remove it.

    That's just BIZARRE!!

    Like anything else before on ark, it is OP, it will be nerfed, and if it does not until now, GO OUT THERE TAME A MANA, and use it yourself, try to learn to use it... put effort into the game

    and honestly the only thing i see is op about it, is the freeze time... but there is a way to counter everything...

  • I think it is possible to set which tames can and which cannot go to aberration, it would be nice to have them blocked off here..

    Nope, you can only choose between disable/enable dino transfer/ enable only natives, where native changed its meaning after WC opened Extinction transfers for some very logical reason.

  • Game update incoming in ca. 10 hours. Includes:

    • Fixed issue with Managarmr breath causing flyers to teleport
    • Fixed Managarmr's forward dash not triggering consistently when spamming it
    • When Managarmr freezes a dino with a rider, the rider will no longer be dismounted but rather frozen for 1 second
    • Character frozen visual effect should change more smoothly
    • A player frozen either standing, crouching, or prone can no longer change that state
    • Duration of frozen for player characters is now a function of health and armor rating
    • Duration of frozen for player characters is significantly reduced overall
    • Cheat spawning a dino should no longer cause you to get stuck on that dino if it dies while being frozen by Managarmar Ice breath
    • Reduced Managarmr ice breath damage ~25%
    • Added new freeze immune icon
  • I seriously hope it stays.

    I was away from game since the dropping of the PvP side last year, I return to find it's reopened and that Extinction was released.

    I haven't bought Extinction yet, but will be soon.

    Would be pretty stink if the Mana was removed by the time I got the the point of taming one. :)

  • So, since manas have been nerfed and most people changed their minds (btw. you can change your vote in this poll), i think this thread can be closed and forgotten :igelwinking:

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