OSDs and Element veins difficulty

  • Hi,

    about a week earliler, I tried to complete yellow OSD. I was very under prepared and of course lost almost everything. So I have decided to go for an overkill and raised the best giga I ever had. The question is: Is this enough to do (mainly) element veins, or should I get more?

    Don't really want to lose this guy.

    Base stats:

    Stamina: 45

    Health: 46

    Damage: 51

    Imprinted 86%

    Thanks for any info, Gladius

  • For a 10k and 25k vein it's good, nothing will pose a problem for such a giga. It would even do easy work of any enemies at a 50k drop.

    The problems are others though. A giga is a big beast and is hard to manoeuvre. As the veins get bigger, the area you have to defend is bigger, and the more spread-out the enemies will be. It's hard to cover so much ground with a single giga.

    From personal experience I recommend the following setup for veins, especially the 50k ones. 5-6 gigas on agressive, spread out evenly, pepper some good rexes around too, and you can ride whatever, your job will be mostly to coordinate your dinos and take care of the occasional nuissance they can't reach or that one dilo/stego that got stuck. Be sure your rexes have plenty hp, melee, and good saddles. Ideally they tank until gigas reach them, but realistically they'll fight a lot on their own.

    I had 15 rexes with 30k hp and 1200 melee, with 100+ saddles, and I'd still lose one or two occasionally to wyvern swarms.

    Or just nuke the vein with gigas, but they lack finesse and will make your job of coordinating them harder.

  • Gunnsen dropped the egg, the other guy only claimed the baby. First person who does it, gets the imprint.

  • I bought this one as an egg from gunnsen. He sells them for 50GC each, but they are neutered/spayed.

    Thanks for the info! Ill go for the 10k and 25k for now then

    You can buy the breedable 43 line from loads of people for a lot cheaper. Which is what i would recommend. So you can imprint them yourself. 43 itself is MORE than enough on a giga. Just pump 100 into dmg and you're good to go.