Need help syncing google sheets with discord

  • hey
    so this is something that i think we all (at least i) can greatly benefit from and it can make everything much better organised.
    basically what i want to do is to have a google sheets spreadsheet , to be shown as a discord message. it should also be updated with every update made to the spreadsheet.
    why would i want to do that?
    imagine this: you want to gather tributes for different boss runs and you also want to have other people donate tributes for element share.using google sheets, you just need to put the number of tributes for each person and it will calculate what element share they will have. you can also track real time amount of missing tributes. and A LOT more situations like this.
    now i dont think everyone wants to have a (or maybe a few) tab(s) open for just viewing google will be waaayy more convenient if you could view them on discord or even make changes on discord for that matter. but i'm having problems setting this up:

    1-even with embedded messages, you cant even have tables on discord as far as i know. so it probably has to be a picture of the spreadsheet.

    2-all i can find are websites like which only send text messages on updates. but i want the full spreadsheet to be shown.

    sorry for the huge wall of text. i appreciate any advice or other ideas.