New Tribe looking for members or fusion

  • Hello everyone!

    tl;dr: Tribe Skywalkers starting over on abberation is looking for tribe members on every map (most welcome abberation & extinction, as I'm going to spend most time on them) but don't hesitate to hit me up if you're already playing on different map!

    First, let me tell you few things about me, and why I'm in this place. Few months back, just before extinction DLC came out I had to stop playing due to IRL responsibilities and didn't log in since. Due to this I lost all my bases, dinos... I lost it all, but I'm here to get it back! I'm LVL 230 with most tek engrams unlocked, I mastered abberation and know it like my own pocket. I'm experienced player that know exactly what to do to get to endgame stage fast, and also how to organize tribe to make it efficient and self care.

    I'm looking for people to join me on aberration, to build together new tribe from scratch. I'm currently in green biome with essential base just to make it easier to eventually move to blue biome and then expand on other maps. All positions are open, so if you like to:
    :!:Gather resources

    :!:Build base and outposts

    :!:Tame and breed

    :!:Fight bosses

    You're good to go! I'm playing for fun, but I got plan how to go big, and I'm looking for people that are willing to put in some effort and work to make it a great tribe together with me

    I'm not looking for people that are gonna run around, taming some random dinos, waste resources on irrelevant stuff, fly around on RD all day; it's not that stage of tribe yet.

    I'm looking for people that gonna work together with me, so if you're:


    :thumbup:Understand stage in which tribe is

    :thumbup:Open minded

    :thumbup:Willing to put in some effort


    :thumbup:Can make independent decision

    I don't care about:

    :sleeping: Your age

    :sleeping: Origin

    :sleeping: Your timezone

    :sleeping: LVL

    :sleeping: Experience

    I'm open for all ideas and play for fun, so If you're interested in making this tribe great again, DM me. Also if you got any questions or suggestions let me know! Thanks for sticking around ;)