Extinction Creatures and Crafting Service

  • Hi,

    with Extinction being my main map of choice I can offer you fine folks most of the creatures (sorry no Velos) exclusive to the latest Ark DLC.

    Snow Owls - I have a bunch of different lines you can pick from - there is my clean line without mutations base levlel 256 and there is a mutated line with lvl 255 at the very moment - more to come soon (blue Owls).

    256 No mutas - 40 GC

    255 Mutated - 10 GC

    I can also offer eggs of both lines.

    Managarmrs - Alright I know people probably want to see most of the lines but I have bred up so many Manas I could fill pages. So if you want unmutated ones my base is level 278, as for ones with mutations just send me a dm on discord @isha#1811. Additionally I can offer you Manas and in various colors such as red and blue, other colors are in the work at the moment such as green, pink, white, black and gold.

    278 No mutas - 30 GC

    Red Mana

    Blue Mana

    Gachas - All you need to know is that my Gachas have a crafting skill of 26 - if your are looking for a particular material being produced let me know ( no Element Dust atm :( )

    I also do have Mek and Enforcer blueprints, if you want any of those hit me up on discord @isha#1811

    Not exclusive to Extinction I am also selling Tek Rexes and Gigas - the Rexes are mutated out of their ass but the Gigas don't have any.

    Tek Rex - 75 GC (will have some of these by next weeked)

    Giga - 50 GC (will have some of these by next weeked)

    Last but not least I can offer you the use of all my blueprints at the price of either 15% of the crafting cost or a compensation paid in either Metal Ingots, Arcbars or Ghost Coins.

    I am also selling max damage Fabricated Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and Shotguns.

    If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord @isha#1811

    Thanks for checking out my thread and gl and hf.