100km of metal gates '​Mafia de Recas'

  • Mafia de Recas

    foundation + 3 boxes

    100 metal gates

    coordinates 56/38

    Already i have 3 weeks since they fix my internet and i play daily.I have my base near that swamp and inside your walls spawn the snails and phiomia(they interest me).But i cant build a trap and a lot of bad things spawn there too,tons of dilos and snakes and we dont have the pick with flyer option enable...i tryed to clean but they respwan until i go to the other side...i cant tame anything there.I dont see u to play on central,i mean in 3 weeks u didnt build or show there but u block a large area for nothing...i dont have anything against having a huge base,but is frustrating cuz i cant tame what i want safe...So if u dont play on central please remove your walls,i dont want to botter the admins with a tiket for this.I hope u read this and do something.

  • Hello. I am Exo, the leader of the tribe Mafia De Recas. We have not built the wall to grief or stop anyone, we intend to make a permanent base there. The Center is our main map, and the gates have been there for less than two weeks. We are very active on The Center, but in the last few days we used resources elsewhere (mainly Extinction) so we didn't build our (what is to be) main base.

    We are sorry for breaking the rules, that is a mistake on my part for not reading them more thoroughly before throwing down my gates. If we are still allowed to develop a base there I will get to it right away, and start using the spot from tomorrow onward. If not, one of the admins please contact me and I will remove the gates myself as I don't want to lose them.

    As for Ionut, I can help you with snails and phiomia if you wish, free of charge for causing you inconvenience. There are plenty snails in the redwoods where we have our current base, and getting a few phiomias shouldn't be too troublesome either.

    Sorry once again, and thank you for your understanding.

    Edit: we've removed everything from the area and we will relocate to Extinction.

  • Dont worry,thats why i post in the forum so u can see..i dont like to contact admins,but i didnt knew who u are so i tried this way.U didnt grief anyone,u didnt break any rule if u didnt had another base on the map,even u had it no problem now if u deleted one of tham..thanks,but i l be able to tame myself,and i buy from other people who cach for me what i need,i dont want free things,everyone spend time for it so i m not a noobie anymore..free things for new people who dont know to play..

    Have fun on extinction,if u need anything there tell me,i have base there too.