[WTS] MC Giga saddle BP crafting service

  • Me being a smart person, managed to fail realizing I've got this most beautiful BP for Extinction in my stock.

    I'm willing to let you craft your own saddles with it.

    - You have to bring the materials to my base for crafting.

    - 15GC per crafted saddle

    - no refund if the quality is not as good as you had wished

    - you pay upfront

    I recommend mindwiping your character before it and putting all levels into crafting skill.

    Alternatively I can do that on my character and craft with your materials (Level 251, 2600% Crafting skill possible) (+30GC to the total price for having me click my fingers dead).

    Mats needed:

    Some examples: my first 4 crafted saddles

    DM on discord (Arcanumbra#5099) or here.


  • I've seen giga saddles with +100 armour on AH for around 15GC - I get that there is a chance for crafting bonus but this seems very expensive to just use a BP

    Maybe 15GC per crafting session would be more realistic, like a BP rental fee

  • Up to you if you pay for this or not. You can of course go and buy those on AH for 15GC too. I don't mind.

    I've been selling 155 Armor saddles from this BP so it's up to everybody's will to pay or not pay.

    And I'm willing to negotiate if there's a point to it. DM for that.