harvesting rates

  • Lately we have noticed that the farming rates are very poor.

    i thought the server was meant to be x3 but we are getting less then Official rates.

    For example farming as a 2 man tribe it seems impossible to farm element veins and seems worthless to do the 10k veins as it only gives 20 element, we tried to do a 25k vain yesterday but only managed to get to wave 3 due to being gang banged from every direction and we could only cover too angles at a time. we also farmed the city lampposts which only gave us 38 Dust. we need 2000 dust to make 1 element that grind is unreal and progression is slowed right down.

    Its not just element. all resources seem have been cut since i joined this server a while back. Is there a reason for this?

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  • I have to say it is a little disheartening the metal farm at the moment for us, we have been raided a few times over the last few weeks and have spent a lot of time farming up to lose it again, if it was slightly quicker it would alleviate some of this.. :(

  • Harvesting is clamped which means melee doesn't affect yield at all and rock hp is x1. This means for some resources such as metal it is equivalent to x1.

    It makessmall element veins on extinction completely pointless as you get around 30 element per instead of the 80 you get on official. Lamposts also give a tiny amount of resources instead of being worthwhile farming like they should be.

    I spoke about this a lot and made countless tickets but the owners believe I am the only one who dislikes the current settings. Glad others are being more vocal about it, I see people everyday in discord complaining about how bad harvesting is.

  • i notice in PVE it is low but dont have to worry about building much. In PVP this is an issue and has to be higher to stay competative

  • This Harvest/Health setting is definitely a problem, its 3xHarvest but 1xHealth. I think the problem is if u 1shot ressources u get less, but i need to test it more. Its a problem for PVP and PVE if the setting is worse then official, the server is described with x3 Harvest.

  • Left in it's current state it just slows everything down and makes for a very grindy experience. Small tribes x3 is supposed to be fast paced and have higher rates to focus more on other aspects.

    In my opinion if harvesting is x3 in the config but harvesting is clamped and rock hp is x1 then it isn't true x3. X3 means x3 official

  • Server Settings:

    ► Small tribes: 6 members

    ►No official alliances

    ►Taming & Breeding x10

    ►Harvesting & XP x3 with custom level system

    ►All engrams learnable

    ►165 Player Level: 135 XP level + 30 ascension level

    ►150 wild dino level + TB + 125 XP level

    ►150 turret limit

    ►200 dino limit

    They want everyone to vote for there servers. which promote x3 but nowhere does it say that its clamped or 1x health which seems a bit ridiculous when we are getting less then official rates.

    I started playing this cluster back in august i think and the harvesting rates or "clamped" have changed since then but unsure when it was changed

  • I'd have to agree here, i play on my own so getting metal is a hard enough grind. Spend most of my time just farming metal to make defences, don't get much time to actually do anything else. Once I get raided, I wont wanna think about farming it all again

  • The whole point of small tribes is for it to be more about pvp and less about grinding on the standard rates.

    Look at this video for reference, this is an official small tribes player getting x3 the metal we do alone on his anky...

  • Would just like to thank the teams decision to remove the harvesting clamp. This allows for a much better pvp cluster for all tribes. Quicker building up, quicker rebuilding, less grinding etc.

    Really appreciate it 👍