PvE Extinction Trade

  • Can we open trade out of Extinction now that Gacha has been nerfed.

    This map is dead and isolated from rest of cluster an seemingly wasting beside the great challenges it has to offer!?

    Regard RipSaw-_-

  • I think it will not be possible because element farming is so easy and you still have the old overpowered Bps from when the gachas were not nerved.

    Ps: i hope that sentence makes Sense

  • ok but you can still bring op weapons or gear to other Maps and when you can brinh a shotgun with 600 % weapon damage to rag a 300 % weapon damage one is worth less. Thats what i think

  • btw the element farming has never been transferable unless via vote rewards. only way the element would be at a disadvantage would be crafted items being transferred at higher volumes then normal due to the larger amount of element gain-able via extinction.

    the weapons/tool gained by the luck before nerf will not be let go of easdily by those who have them the very few who do sell them would do well.

    all i am saying is if u come to extinction the trade is absolutely shyte, AH has been added an noone is selling or cause of it people have got bored of extinction threw the issues of veins drops.

    I like the dinos caves an boss varitey like every map u complete everything it gets boring.


  • Rip, i feel the same. Just one more thing, isn't it "OP" to bring Wyv and Rock-Drakes to other Maps as well? Or what's about the Gacha- and Raptor-Claus, only a few had the chance to get OP-Loot. Actually it isn't fair... In neither hand and remember, what woul happen to the other Maps? A few tribes couldn't get 100 Gc for 1 Transmitter... Wow... Poor them. Best Regards and wishes, Ninja

  • Even Center has more players, tbh there is no point playing it after a while without uploads.
    Tried to research for an itemquality cap on restart, but it seems like this is not possible on unoffical servers.

  • I did some research on this and found this configuration option.


    That might be an option for Extinction to cap the overpowered items. After that a transfer of items might be possible to other servers. This will cap the armor and the weapon damage to the official values.


    This was 15 hours of work. The Wiki page is new. It was added after my research and another volunteer mod from Studio Wildcard helped me too. Without us two the Option would still be secret. We had to find out settings, values and calculation on our own. We will see how useful it is for our servers

  • Is it going to be possible to bring dinos from Extinction to other servers?