Server Restart death

  • So when the restart message popped up i had to try to run my 399 tek rex back to the base...two alpha raptors show up and they destroyed my rex... is there a way i can get that back??

  • First of all

    Do you refund lost items or dinos?

    No, we don't replace lost or deleted items or dinos. Even if it is not the fault of the affected player e.g. server crash or restart (due to mod update) during a boss fight.

    The only exception is made when the loss was caused explicitly by an admin e.g. accidently or unlawfully deletion of a base.

    And otherwise, how did you manage to get killed by 2 alpha raptors with a tek rex 399? those should be down in some bites.

  • LukeTheJuke24 My dude - I lost an entire breeding line of Spinos (months of work), all my best ascendant gear and a 190 rock drake egg a few days ago because the server rolled back to just before I had joined it and deleted everything from my inventory - I feel your pain but the server has strict policies on this

    I can help you out with a 380 Tek Rex (neutered) tonight if you like - DM me and sorry for your loss