ARK upcoming update

  • The s+ they are planning to introduce will probably never live up to the full potential the mod has, anyway.

    No thoughts about kibble, haven't really played extinction yet, just messed around in SP. Not that its that much needed for casual players on 10x server :)

    Raw mutton does the job very well :)

  • Dia Nobody will replace s+ lol, the actual mod is way to intention was about the kibble..Lets hope this update will not mess arround with any mods..this kind of changes usualy get in conflict with some mods.

  • Well the problem is the same with ever mod that was bought by wildcard center an ragnarom didnt get developed anymore after wildcard bought them and i am sad to say that s+ will prob be the same now..

  • Well Ares correct me if i m wrong but i understood wildcard s+ future will be for a 30 seconds time,option what can be set in the .ini.So teoretical is not like the actual mod we use and we can pick everything when we want..and for example i doubt wildcard will make an option for s+ replicator or transmitter(again correct me if is wrong,but we dont need to beat bosses to make this?)