• Because of the permanent lag you often die. This will benefit 2-3 old players who earn a golden nose in the auction house because they have the appropriate blueprints.

    In the steampunk mod we used to have here, there was a chamber where you were resuscitated and at least got your equipment back.

    I'd like that back please.!

    Besides, I lack the possibilities to decorate something pretty. There are only wooden chairs and a table. :(

  • Im glad the Steampunk is gone, current modsetup is much more balanced for a close to vanilla feeling. I mean dont get me wrong, the bases with steampunk looked great, and all the decorations - but thats it.

  • No Steampunk Mod and especially no Cryo-Chamber. It is very easy to get your stuff back because of the green corpse beam.

    Regarding a deco mod: The community voted against the use of such a mod.

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