• Tribe name: Guiness,

    Hello, I don't know why but everything from our tribe got deleted. We have read the rules and I am absolutely sure we didn't violated any of the rules. So, why????

  • You should open a ticket: https://the-ghost-division.com/ticketsystem/

    Also "I am absolutely sure we didn't violated any of the rules." - i have seen at least two taming boxes that you left behind, a few days ago. Even told your tribe to remove them, but they were still there two days later.

  • 1. It takes a few seconds to place and pick up a taming pen.

    2. And they all will be removed. It is against the rules. If everyone will be jumping out of the window, you will follow?



    Depending on the violation players can be punished with the deletion of their structures/animals or a (temporary) suspension.

    There is a warning in the rules.

    Just open a ticket. I said what i knew. Maybe you broke other rules, of which you aren't aware.

  • Dude.. Do you know how it is to get deleted everything after hours of gameplay without even a reason? Just send a ticket? And then what? And yes, I've read those rules of yours. Nothing there for base deletion.

  • As I told you in Discord, if you have been wiped by a mistake, you will have it refunded. You will not know if you won't submit a ticket.