Extinction changes

  • With the new update comes a variety of nerfs and changes which affects extinction.

    See here for the changes- https://survivetheark.com/inde…er-wonderland-2018-r1056/

    -Gacha loot is capped

    -Titans are nerfed a lot

    Now extinction pvp is completely dead since the justified close down of transfers. However I was wondering what owners and players would think of a wipe and opening of the server now?

    The OP loot from gachas should now be fixed and those who decide to tame titans now have a MUCH harder time using them and keeping them alive.

    A wipe would put everyone back to square one but it is the only way the server can ever be opened and not ruin the balance of all the cluster. As GD doesn't have a cap on item quality those who spammed gachas previously will have a lot of OP loot stored. A wipe is the only fair way to not mess with the balance.

    Let me know what you all think.

    It is also worth to note that testing on Gachas new loot quality has to be done before this happens as knowing wildcard it may still be broken.

  • Quote from Patch notes

    Buffed Legendary Drops in difficulty and quality of loot


  • First of all: That release is awesome! It gives me hope that ARK is not dead yet and Atlas will not kill it!

    BTT: We will have a look at the new Gacha item quality and will see if they are balanced now. If they are good to go I would love to wipe the servers and enable the transfer in both directions (which is btw my opinion as a player). It is even possible to enable dino transfer prewipe so everyone can keep their beasts. I will most definitely add this to the schedule od our next meeting! But I cannot guarantee anything!

    This change could be made for PvE too, I will link the topic in the PvE section.

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  • Whilst I understand you spent a lot of time on the server currently you are resetting timers and the vast majority of players have stopped playing it all together. It would suck for you to lose your progress but for the map to gain any player base it would need to be wiped to prevent the gacha spam from ruining pvp on all maps.

  • Gacha Spamm we dont spamm any gacha and i guess the guy who do it, are offine all day long i guess its only we and 1 or 2 others left there because the map is maybe not that good as everyone think?

  • The map was heavily populated before the close of transfers and you guys titan wiping the majority of players. With the nerfs to titans and gachas hopefully it can become more balanced and populated.

    I know of many people who spammed gachas in wait of the server opening up, I hope this doesn't happen without a wipe.

    Also since the release of the new map I have voiced many times I do not like it very much, which should show my opinion is unbiased and only about growing the PvP player base.

  • I hope transfers opens. The limitation imposed here is only seen on GD cluster. Not even officials limited players from bringing stuff from extinction maps to the rest of the clusters. In other hand having only the way in killed most of the commerce it had as people just started to buy and bring overbreed stuff from other maps without a way out. I know and understand the reasons behind closing transfers out but the way it is right now extinction will slowly dry out. Lets hope the gacha changes pleases the staff and the rest of comunity.

    For the OSD i dont see any issue on that. From Yellow OSD and higher it is more challenging than any cave seen so far. Red and Purple are already very challenging with purple only being able to be done by a group of players with nice tames and it will be HARDER. So it is right to have better loot from that than the past maps as it is the last one too so it is expected to have end game gear there.

    I hope we dont have a wipe. I'm happy if we can keep the tames but I hope i can keep the base and base spot too. I believe a wipe is not needed. The first approach WC made to the Gacha loot issue was limiting loot quality on official servers. When your gacha pooped a 700% longneck it lasted only until server resets and when the server goes up again it became 299%.

    We could use the same tactics to clean up the very high quality gear by limiting server item quality, reseting the server and only than opening transfers and remove the limit on gear quality .

    EDIT : All that was from a PvE point of view.

  • I completely understand your concerns phreak , i too have a quite advanced base that i and my buddy spent hundreds of hours to build BUT its not enjoyable and it feels pointless. We are on a pvp server/cluster after all and on extinction there is no community nor player base , everything and everyone got wiped by the tribes that managed to tame titans first since they were **BROKEN and STUPIDLY OVERPOWERED** .

    Now with the recent patch (hopefully) the "unfair" and "broken" stuff are balanced out and it will be a great time to include the map into the cluster so we all benefit from the perks of the map.

    With that in mind , wiping the map and including it to the rest of the cluster will definitely suck for the existing tribes but will open up for new and advanced players to experience and fully utilise everything extinction has to offer. New players can start new and well established tribes can transfer over.

  • You have to keep in mind whilst my post is relevant to PvE also this post is about PvP. Where no transfers in or out happen and the server is completely dead with 0 people on it most days.

    IF a wipe was on the cards also I would like to think you could all save your tames at the very least. But as I said the situation I dicussed affects PvP more directly.

  • This can be a possibility, for both sides PvE and PvP but the gachas isnt the only problem…. they are also the element farm wiping the servers will not make too much changes, honestly i think the element is the most important thing in the game, i mean for what reason do you want a overpowered weapon? yes there are many reasons, but the only reason that i found "usefull" is for running caves, i mean for bosses? you have tames(i mean who will put in danger vs a boss when you can be safety with a rex? the dmg will be almost the same as the rex you will be wasting ammo) for killing somehting? you have tames i honestly when i go to someplace i go with a wyvern they are fast and have a really really nice dmg (a good wyvern can hit as a breed rex, mine at least deals 869 or so) so if i need to kill something i just do it with wyvern why i will waste ammo or will be in " danger" for nothing, otherwise the element you are farming mostly for boss runnings, breeding hours (sorry days or months ^^) to kill the bosses, and the element is way more usefull for everything (well not guns :P) so wiping the servers i dont think will be a good choice (in all the cases if you can save. the dinos, i will not be even agree :D mainly because i dont have a box as a house that kind of bases that i make takes tons of materials and hours TONS there, all the things that i farm, etc, wiping is not that simple that means lose hours even days maybe months(dont know who have playing with no sleeping to do this but anyways :P)
    so in conclussion im my opinión i DONT agree with this :)and im sure that almost all the people wouldnt like either in the worst cases they (maybe i )will leave GD servers

  • a solution will be to block JUST the ítems, but the dinos you can transfer normally way in and way out, that map is the easiest map to farm the bps so if they wipe the servers and open on both sides (way in and way out) the market will be in danger again and maybe similar if they enabled the ítems rn… why? easy as i say before the bps, all the people that have farm those bps for ages will be for nothing, just a waste of time and ghost coins (btw Yanik want my bps what happen to you ;() avoid that :P:D

    easy solution? block just the ítems transfer and enable the dinos transfer (not to sure if they can) like that will not lose a entire dlc, yes we dont have SE server but we have basically all the features with ragnarock, with this we have basically all the content for the entire cluster without breaking the balance

  • In my mind is no more need to claim the air drop in chat..first arrive,first to serve the loot now,correct me if i m wrong,but says only 1 tribe can loot,means the frist tribe arrive to activate is the claimer,other can be there but cant steal anything or cant say they was first..right?


    Orbital Supply Drop

    • Buffed Legendary Drops in difficulty and quality of loot
    • Can now be claimed by a tribe in PVE
      • Only that tribe can disable shield, eject items, gather loot
    • Fixed bug that eventually only allowed 1 event at a time in a session
    • Improvements to shield behavior on low FPS servers
    • Improvements to attacker pathing and behavior

    Element Vein

    • Can now be claimed by a tribe in PvE
      • Only that tribe can harvest element
    • Fixed bug that eventually only allowed 1 event at a time in a session
    • Improvements to attacker pathing and behavior
  • In my oppinion the transfer should be opened. I agree with the items are unbalanced and should be "purged". For the dinos I think it would be great to let people transfer them to other servers prewipe so they don't loose everything. Rebuilding a base will take time but should be possible.

    I think this is an high priority point to clearify else people won't play on extinction anymore in fear of loosing everything in a few weeks. If you open the transfer for dinos it might have to be soon so people will have time (especially because of xmas where people might not be at home) to prepare and transfer.


    • activate dino transfer (also pre wipe)
    • wipe the server (items and structures)