Want to join, but can't

  • Hey guys,

    Me and my friends have trouble connecting to this server. None of us can find it in the Session list with the tags Map;The island / Session Filter: Unofficial / Game Mode: PVE.

    We also tried to connect through this site, which has a different IP from https://ark-servers.net/server/42231/ this one. We tried to connect through the button on both, I am trying to connect it through a single player server in console, manually. That seems to do absolutely nothing.

    Can you guys help, we really want to play on your server?

    EDIT1: irrelevant.

    EDIT2: Irrelevant.
    EDIT3: Thank you cl_noob you just won 3 new players(possibly more to come)! You might want to change the port on https://ark-servers.net/server/42231/

  • I believe these are the PvP ones, I want to join the PvE, nice baiting me into it ^-.

    For the Island I will try "" correct me if I am wrong.

    EDIT: I added it, it starts downloading the mods, all good. Then it says "connection time out" or something of that nature.


  • Yea, is PvE cluster, my bad.

    The timeout message is normal and you will keep getting it as long as not all mods are downloaded and installed properly.

    Just reconnect until all is done and it works like for everyone else.

  • lol,means u have slow internet and its normal to get that time outs when the game download the mods..just click connect again on the map u first selected,will connect u after 2-3 tryes(after the mods all full downloaded)..no need to panic,its your internet slow :)