*BP*Company - Dino Market Place

  • Hello everyone!

    Today we will start selling a few of our dinos, to share with you, what we got.

    For now it will be on the PvE Cluster, including Island, Center, Ragnarok & Extinction.

    Please note, that these are fun projects, availabilty will depend on our activity.

    1. 'Textmarker' Dimorphodon Army

    All Dimophs will be sold grown and NEUTERED/SPAYED

    Price is 2k Metal Ingot / 20gc per Dimorphodon

    A breeding pair of any mutation will be 100gc / 30k metal ingots (limited offer)

    2. 'Bloody' Giganotosaurus

    Prices for a Giga Egg will be 100gc / 40k metal ingots.

    We will refresh this offer once in a while, maybe also including Extinction breeds if requested.

    For any questions or requests hit me up on discord, to keep this thread clean.


    Best Regards,