Top Voters in November 2018

  • Name Votes>
    [VaM]mirko8054|Thenightmare 91
    Javi 90
    Scrubz 90
    GI.BlackViper 90
    Kirsten Dunst 90
    Asgad 90
    Flying Cucumber 90
    Azazell 90
    Wane sk 90
    von Schlagt 90
    Yevon 90
    Blutschnabel 90
    Toostage 90
    Fiskesuppen 90
    Nenja 90
    Nidhogr 90
    Ionut 90
    warpy 90
    FourOne 90
    ToFatToRun 90
    MrTodd 90
    Rip_Saw-_- 90
    N-E-B-U-L-A 90
    mrdiablo 90
    Callie 90
    Ragemode 90
    piamette 90
    Wenneis 90

    These are the top voters for last month. Please note that the 91 votes are not according to the "3 votes per day"-rule and are therefore counted as 90 votes! We have used to randomize the list. Here is the result:

    As a result Asgad is 1st, Nenja is 2nd and Rip_Saw-_- is 3rd.

    Thanks to all voters, you helped us rule the top list for another month!

    To the winners: Please contact me via ticket system and I will personally give out the prizes. I need to know what blueprint you desire and where I can place it (map, coords, box with PIN e.g.) Thanks.