• I sell 2 transmitters,the reason is cuz i l be a little bussy and is possible to miss a little the game..And when i have time i would like to try the pvp,i never did on PVE if someone need tham contact me on discord(Ionut#1038)

    Mention: I sell only for ghost coin on the forum,thats why i can give tham with a 10%-15% disscount.

  • Thread closed,sell tham to Dude ,+1 for him,i didnt expect it but he pay me first on the forum without any ezitation and without me to ask him to do it first,usualy i m the one who give first and wait to recive ::d.Thanks.

    How i close this thread?

  • Ionut

    Changed the title of the thread from “Transmitters” to “Transmitters(closed)”.