air conditioner

  • hello, good morning to all the tribes of the island,i belong to the tribe nublar, and we are still new here, I wanted ta ask a question, to se if someone can help me, wich are the batteries that are used for air condiotioners???,we want to start raising dinosaurs and we are unable, thank you for the answers :-)

  • Yes, we have it, but it does not work.

    We also have the chemical table and it does not work for us.

    The refrigerator and the manufacturer if they work with the generator

    We do not understand

  • Afaik you can place there the batteries from aberration. If you use generator then make sure that you have enough cables and outlets to reach all devices. Also chemistry bench needs both electricity and gasoline to run.

  • Hi,

    Thanks all for your replies. Finally it was a bug with air conditioner S+ we were using. Crafting new ones with that "no S+" kind solved our issue. ..