Die roten Pandas - Market Place - Big Blueprint Sale

  • Dear fellow survivors,

    today we proudly present our own little marketplace, offering only the best, freshest and most adorable stuff you can imagine!

    Been looking for that blueprint so long? No problem, you will find it here! *

    Need a creature with an extraordinary stat? No problem, we got it in our cloning chamber! *
    Unhappy with your current style and gear? No problem again, we will craft our finest BPs for you! **

    Still didn't find what you are looking for? No problem for us, just for you! **

    * Offers may be highly exeggerated
    ** This is definetly true!

    Long story short: We are selling blueprints, creatures with high stats and crafted items. Our prices are pretty simple: Blueprints are only sold for other blueprints we need (have a look at our list to see what we got), everything else is a matter of negotiation.

    Currently we are looking for these blueprints in particular: Whip, Sword, Fur Armor

    Current creatures to clone:

    Big Blueprint Sale:

    We have tons of blueprints for sale, just ask for the one you are looking for and we will check our stock. Here is a small preview (click to enlarge):

    Flak Armor:

    Riot Armor:

    Weapons and Tools:

    Our Crafting Service:
    All our current blueprints are ready to be crafted by our Lvl 220 Crafter (Ascension will be done asap). Prices depend on the BPs costs and will be charged per craft.

    You can find a list of all our BPs here.

    We will maintain all lists and update this thread on a regularly basis. Please contact Cherie#5610 or Gunnsen#3082 in Discord or PM us here in the forum. Please do not post anything into this thread, if you got a question contact us directly.

    Thanks for your attention,