tribe name change

  • HI, I will be changing my tribes name to 'the fanny chmelars,' in honour of the german athlete, i'll bet her name is g & pegi rated.

    evidence :

    this is british teatime tv, between 5-6pm.

    many thanks,


  • Your first tribe name choice and the intention was obvious, so it got changed. The initial misspelling was on purpose to disguise it. If you were a true admirer you'd have written the name correctly the first time. Anyway, I know the (double) meaning and you use that name and the article for that reason, trying to bypass our rules. Don't try to justify it. I've hung out with people from Yorkshire and Aberdeen and know that the language (puns included) can be colourful at times w/o anyone being bothered or offended by it, so some of our rules may be considered picky but the rules apply to all players and you're asked to follow them for the last time.

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