Can I transfer Elements or Element Shards from Island to Ragnarok?

  • Hey guys! Sorry if there is a thread about it but couldn't find information. So, can I transfer my Elements or Element Shards from Island to Ragnarok because the Artifacts are really hard to get on Ragnarok (at least for my tribe)?

  • i believe that it costs 100gc to transfer as much element as you have. never done it personally so can't say for sure, as for the shards im not sure you can transfer them

  • FYI you can upload/download artifacts, so it shouldnt be an issue for you. And indeed, Voting Reward "Transfer of Elements within a cluster" costs 100GC.

  • Thanks for the info. But I'm not familiar with bosses on Ragnarok. I read somewhere that bosses are available only as a tag team like Broodmother and Megapitecus. Is there any solo mode?