herbivore sweet veggie cake buff not working as intended

  • Hi
    i was breeding my therizino army and talking about it. someone in global chat said that cakes are not working properly, i started testing and here are the results
    1-there's some lag with dinos eating them.
    i brought a therizino down to 50% Hp, took ~10-20 sec for it to eat the cake, im assuming this cant be fixed since its probably tied with tame lag (unconscious dinos wont eat for some time).
    2-the heal itself doesnt work properly, it only heals 500HP at the beggining and then nothing. upon further testing in SP , i'm certain its the stacking mods problem. when removed, all herbivores got the 10% health regen back.

    can this be fixed? especially number 2.

    the rest of the post is about what i think can be done (i have no clue about arks mod kit so this is all probably wrong)
    1-the mod has not been updated since Feb 2nd, and wildcard has been changing cakes A LOT. so its possible that the code didn't carry over from vanilla Ark. so modyfying or changing the stacking mod is a solution (probably not changing, when i changed stacking mods on my server, we lost soooo many items)
    2-can the changes to cakes be removed from the mod? or recipes for crafting normal cakes be restored? i have no clue about any of these

    and sorry if this isn't the right place to discuss this

  • its been a week now. and the mod author was online 26 days ago. it may become a problem with future patches as they might change something that the mod cahnges.
    should we wait more? or will there be a fix?

  • is there an ETA ?
    not having those tekgrams is driving me crazy, i may buy some tekgram service if theres no ETA.
    i've seen JaqubR offering it, does anyone else unlock tekgrams too?
    if so DM me here or on discord ( DovahMid#8242 )

  • Only possible fix for now could be by using Ark Customizer and remap PrimalItemConsumable_SweetVeggieCake_Child from stack mod to vanilla ark veggie cake until mod author fix this issue. You can also adjust weight and stack size with ark Customizer...

    One key note would be any cooked sweet veggie cake will be mods own version until server restart which then ark customizer will switch it to normal version. Just a thought.

  • thanks for your answer Shadow
    the mod that you suggested will work but i think that admins will have to test a few things before adding a new mod. and i'm fairly sure admins are busy with fishing loot table right now. so this may take a while.
    1-how safe and performance hungry is this mod? will it cause glitches or server lag?
    2-according to the steam webpage , removing this mod wont affect anything but spoil timers. this sounds weird to me but it may be true, i dont even know how would you test that.
    and many other things that need testing.

  • Mod is ok i ve used it before when abber came out with missing kibbles and such. It uses a save file with your config so it can be transferred to other servers. Things like farming resources can be changed on the fly and takes effect immediately such as farming metal from trees instead of wood. items that require cooking or recipes will change to your chosen item at server restarts.

    As for removing the mod, items will revert back to original items or values as mod itself is not adding stuff but simply changing item values or remaps to different item.

    Example. Lets say u change sweet veggie cake stack size to 100 and weight to 0.1 and spoil timer to a year which you can with this mod, if you do remove the mod sweet veggie cake will take its original stack size and weight and spoil timer.

    I mean this is just an option,, alternatively admins can take your sweet veggie cakes and spawn you vanilla ark versions or maybe we can simply make a new sweet veggie cake mod. It all depends on when or how long it will take stack mod author to fix the issue.

  • sorry for the bump but its been almost another week since the last admin answer and with the fishing loot rework and PVP cluster coming back, i think there wont be any fix with the Ark Customizer and we have to just wait for the stacking mod update.
    i just wanted to get confirmation since we may just go for alpha dragon soon (RIP Tickler Army).

  • Yeah, unfortunately we have to wait, the Ark Customizer is a high risk mod that already killed savegames here at Ghost Division. We will not take that risk and need to hope for the stack mod author. We are really sorry, but there is nothing we could do without risking the whole cluster.