Best ratio for S+ Vivariums

  • Hello fellow survivors,

    we recently started our kibble farm and filled some S+ Vivariums, each animal got a male and 3 females (5 creature types per vivarium, no Oviraptor) and now we got the problem of having way to much eggs. We get around 250 eggs per day of each type, that is way more than we could ever use, that is why we are considering opening a Kibble Station on the Center offering those eggs for free. Or we will kill some of the females and try to get a better (means lower) egg production working.

    What is your experience with the vivarium? Do you have a good male/female/oviraptor ratio that gives you a perfect amount of eggs?

    Another question: I read there will be 50 slots in the Vivarium, but it is only 20 slots. Is this due to a maximum slot cap in S+ or will the Vivariums get more slots in the future?

    Looking forward to do some good math here with you xD
    Greetings, Gunnsen

    P.S.: Anyone want some scrambled eggs? Need to get rid of them :D

  • one Female in the vivarium gives you an egg every 30 mintes so 48 eggs a day. With the 10x taming we have you don't really need more than a handful of kibbles for a 150 tame. i have been running my vivarium/s with just 1 female and i have the same problem as you drownging in the eggs. unless you really want to go nuts on taming i think just one female is enough.

  • yes we lowered it to 20. due to the client crashes (disconnects) when putting more than 20 dinos inside.

    i have 1 female and 1 male of every kibble dino inside my vivariums - but i think 1 female is enough.

  • I can use the 20 slots but I crash everytime I try to put more than 10 dinos in the vivarium. Same if I try to take them out if it has more than 10 dinos in it. Not the biggest problem though since I will keep them there for a long time.