Tusoteuthis Grab

  • Hi !

    I would like to ask to re-enable Tusoteuthis (Squid) grab, as it is not enabled at the moment. There are 2 major reasons why the grab is the core of Tusos utility:

    1. The grab, dealing 10 torpor per second to any creature despite armor etc., is the easiest lifehack to tame nearly all aquatics without the need of a trap, being fairly punished by a lot of time if you are trying to do this solo; it also helps not to lose torpor when taming a Mosa or a Plesi and missing a shot etc.

    2. Whenever Tusoteuthis attacks a creature it holds in its tentacles, it gains a little HP. This mechanic is called Lifesteal and is a powerful anti-alpha tank tool. It allows you to grab any alpha aquatic (except for alpha Tuso) and attack it while healing back all the damage it does to your tame. On the other hand, the damage is limited to 100 per hit while in grab mode and can only hit grabbed target, so it can take up to 30 minutes to take down an alpha Mosa.

    Tusoteuthis grab (unlike flyers) can almost not be used to troll people on PvE and gives the creature amazing utility;

    With my 800 hours spent on PvP Ragnarok, I only used the grab in PvP once, as it is more of a PvE thing..

    Thanks for feedback :*:)

  • Fun fact, you can still grab your tribemates.

    Funner fact, if you grab a tribemate while they are inside a vacuum chamber on a mosa platform, your mosa dies. Instantly. Horribly.

    The Tuso's Grab, Kapro's Grab, Megalo's Grab, and all the flyers are disabled on PVE by default. Like Koga said, there's no separate setting for it and a new mod would have to be added. If such a mod exists, it would have to be first bug-tested extensively, as well as turned off for other player's mounts.
    Tuso is strong as it is. I think we need more Tuso saddles and BPs in the drop pool tbh, but otherwise it's already pretty solid.