Fina(ncia)l countdown

  • The PvE servers are extended for the last time today, which means they are offline in one month.

    Should the donation goal be reached next month, it will be extended again. However, I don’t pay a cent more and from my side there will be no support, how the other admins / owners handle this.. is their decision.



  • So that's it with Ghost Division :-( We had awesome times here in the past 14 months. But it is obvious that the owners love for Ark is long gone (no blame, every game has its end). The communication and support decreased over the time, lately all we heard from the owners were bad news. It is really sad to see that project fail, but every journey has to end as we were told on PvP some time ago.

    The new PvE concept was much more fun than I would have believed in the first place and I would have loved to play that way up until endgame, but that is not possible. Playing on a server with the monthly chance of a shutdown is not fun and I am not willing to pay more than 10 -15 Euro per month for a game. I wish more people would have been willing to donate regularly.

    Is the donation goal still the same with the PvP servers gone? The counter tells us it is at 350€ per month, but that is way more than a single root server (even including TS, page etc.) should cost. Can you adjust the donation goal to tha actually costs? Maybe there is still room for hope, but I doubt you will collect 350€ each month...

  • 190€ donation is not problem i guess.

    But topic like that definetely reduce donations.

    This months 350€ was definenetly by PVE. So 190€ is not problem, but loosing spirit of the game is.

  • Yanik this thread is a result of a discussion that took place in Discord earlier today.

    I didnt know that.

    But still 190€ isnt that much. I have donated 25€ and i can donate that amount every month.

    So i have no idea what have spoken at discord but that effects all players, so even i wasnt at discord i can join the discussion here :D.

    Please little more hope :D

  • The problem with a donation based method is: If you do not reach your donation goal only for one month the server will go down. Of course there are some people willing to pay each month. But even if you find enough people to secure the 190€/month, what will you do if one or more of them quit playing Ark? You would need to find new financiers and if you fail to do that up until end of the current month the server and all the investment of the players is gone. You will always need someone willing to fill the financial gap...

  • May be subscription instead of donation.

    And to get voting rewards minimum subscription fee would be 5€-10€

    Edit: I am sure every single idea have discussed hundred times :D

  • We just decided to give it a chance. We really hope enough players will continue to play the GD servers and take part in the finances. I will donate as much as possible and reasonable, let's work together to save this awesome project.

    Edit Leyren: Yeah, the policies are a bit harsh here, but the server is very enjoyable. Nice balance, nice mods etc.

  • Momo was now banned for his 4th time. He didn't learned his leason and after 3 attempts, it's enough. Leitna should know what he did and funny link.

  • At least you put in a significant amount of work proving our points, by now banning everybody from discord who criticised something. And then you wonder why everything seems nice. Why did we wait with that feedback so long? Because we exactly expected some punishing results. Yet you didn't acknowledge a single point anyone made, instead immediately changed to your huffy behavior. But yes.. everything is nice, everything is perfect.... unbelievable.

    Gunnsen Of course the server is enjoyable, otherwise nobody would've stayed here. Gameplay is still the most important fact. But that doesn't make every form of criticism harmful, hate, flame or simply invalid.

  • Hey guys and girls,

    I'd like to let you know that I'm hearing different opinions from different people at the moment and I will try to get an solution that we all, team and players are okay with. Until then I'd like to ask you to calm down :)

  • Hope all gets better soon, is very sad to see things have ended up this way at a critical time.
    No doubt as the amazing community this server has full of loving and caring people, the donation goal will be reached.

    I personally choose not to further support as this shows the stability in which state GD is right now, imo asking for donation goal to be reached to live each month by each doesn't show a lot of prospect for the future of the servers, I mean it's a plus to be honest to your community. But this will also deter a lot of players away, or make them feel the need to have to donate just to be able to do something they love. Either way;

    Kudos to Calaban, Koga, Kat and Connor for holding the fort during such a peak time.

    I fly to Aus tomorrow on a expedition, and I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you all when I get back

  • Calaban

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