PVP raid protection

  • Hello,

    Yesterday evening we have raid a base but during the tabk of turrets we see the 5 minutes displaying of the passage in raid protection.

    -The raid protection displays during 5 minutes and players is disconnected for 5 minutes?
    -Or the player is disconnected for 25 minutes and the display of the raid protection displays in 5 last one minutes ?

    How to know if a player makes an excessive use of the raid protection?

    Thank you

  • The orp cooldown starts the moment the tribe leaves the server, sometimes with a little delay.

    So if the cooldown message appears during the raid, it usually means orp abuse.

  • If I understands well, there is more 30 minutes but 5 minutes of display before crossing in raid protection?

    I make a capture with the hour every time and the abse was not in raid(trek) protection...

    The example of yesterday evening: https://zupimages.net/up/18/23/n87e.jpg

    We begin to empty the balls of turrets then at the moment we see displaying the 5 minutes before crossing in raid protection.

    It is the reason of my question if the poster displays with more or less 5 minutes between the disconnection of players and the display of the passage in raid protection or if the display is reduced to 5 minutes while there was 30 minutes before.

    Our tribe accepts that or player cannot stay for the raid. But with 5 minutes we do not have time to give a punishment to protect it with the raid protection.

  • The ORP rule has been changed recently. The cooldown timer has been lowered. Also now it is allowed to start the raid during the orp cooldown. Still, leaving the server to induce ORP is a rule violation.

    In other words: you leave the server and your structures and dinos got a short cooldown before the ORP kicks in. You can be raided within this time.

    Starting a raid means attacking enemy base or soaking bullets. Your screen shows structure that has not been damaged.

    If a player has to go offline while being raided, he has a chance to surrender and give you what you want. Avoiding being raided by fleeing and starting the orp cooldown is forbidden.

    If you want us to investigate, then please open a support ticket.

    Quote from PvP Rules

    Exploiting the ORP is forbidden. Raiding a base within the 7-minute timer is allowed, while logging out during a raid as the defender is forbidden (combat logging).

    Combat logging allegations have to be proven by the attacking tribe in form of screenshots or videos. Only screenshots showing the ingame date, player name and tribe affiliation will be valid (keep "H" key pressed on the keyboard).

    Avoiding the ORP is forbidden.

  • I understands well, thank you for your answer.

    I do not no want to open of ticket because there would be so much with the players which abuses but me also understands that at 4 am in the morning the player it disconnects even if it is forbidden.

    I would take one better capture the next time to avoid any contesting.

    Thank you for your answer

  • If people will not report such violations, then we will not eliminate it. If a player doesnt have a time for protecting his base then he shouldnt join the game at all.

  • I all right with you, but everybody in a life also and a work or children. The solution is of unlocked structurs to leave and to use the raid protection.

    I have the same opinion as you and also the other one.

    To be few to add the rule, if abuse of raid protection the player has to agree to be connected date and time defines by the tribe which raid to resume the raid.
    Avoid making too much ticket and giving a beautiful battle ...

  • Having a work or children isnt an excuse. If a player knows that in case of being attacked he wont be able to defend because of being busy or other real life matters, he should not join pvp. PvE is a much better solution here. One could bring such excuses every time when they get raided and this leads us to nowhere.

  • Hey im assuming your talking about us...

    couple weeks ago u started with killing all the passive Dinos we stored on the island.. just as a meat run! It was obvious that there have not been any valuable items inside..

    But ok, its pvp. if your bored its up to you to be that kind of person!

    Now to the mentioned issue u had while u spawned a Rock-Golem with ur transmitter infront of our Base. As u did say it was fucking 04:00 during the night. I was just changing servers constantly doing breeding on the center and getting stuff from Ragnarok.

    How about u play pvp in a fair way and start attacking during the day ? Maaaaybe even while im in the Base?

    Even so im not sure how its possible to defend a Base without structure spam.. when a Tame come up to level 520+ With more than 100K hp ( or even way more )... only having 170 turrets to defend, Its a joke if u ask me :D the Hp pool of Dinos is way to big .

    if u wanna punish me for finally logging off after a marathon of breeding, go ahead

    I really start to understand why the reputation of the beach girls is that low on The Center..:thumbup:

  • I do not accuse to you of being disconnected to you, only I does not understand why since the change we make attacks with a base connected and during the raid the base stays in him 5 minutes for the protection of raid.

    Our reputation is of pvp against any tribe having way to defend it.

    We are a small tribe but here for pvp.

    For the passive kill (your colleague did not meet a commitment)

    I insist on my demand which is not accused to you but a question and the example for my question the most recent was your tribe.


  • well, i think its kinda unbalanced that its possible to soak a huge amount of turrets with alot of bullets with only 1 tamed golem :D but ok.

    WEll as far as i can explain your question, it might be caused to the fact that i went to another server quite often, and the protection starts when noone is on the server.

  • commitment hahahahahah. You wanted 20k ignot for a lokation spot I allready had. So I deniend your wish for 20k . Thats all the reason you are still trolling us with your little attacks every 2 days. (Useless attacks)

    You will get what you asked for........but not the ignot

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