All about Voting Rewards, Ghost Coins and ARc Bars

  • Ghost Coins and Voting Rewards tutorial

    Ghost Coin is our official community token. GC can be spent on both voting rewards and trades between the players.

    You can earn GC by voting for the tree servers listed on the forum main page.

    Voting for different servers than the ones listed on the forum's main page will not give you coins.

    For every vote you will receive 3GC, so you can earn 9GC daily - voting is possible every 24 hours.

    Voting links are on the forum main page:

    Make sure that your voting account and forum account are connected to the same Steam account.

    The GC are paid automatically, usually it takes up to a few hours.

    When they are added to your account, you can see the number of your GC in top right corner of the website and in your profile description.

    After you've earned a certain amount of GC, you can purchase a voting reward. The reward list is linked below:

    EN | Voting Rewards

    After you have gathered 100+ Ghost Coins, you can exchange them to the ingame currency. (by Ticket pls) It's easy!

    First craft a Reward Vault and place it on a wall. Here you will access your ingame account. It looks like this:

    Then open a support ticket, name it "Exchange Ghost Coins - ARc Bars" and provide your ingame name, map you play on and the amount of GC you want to exchange. It will be added to your ingame account as soon as possible. The exchange rate is 1:1 (100GC to 100ARc Bars). Note that you can only exchange 100GC or more.

    After the transfer is done, access the Reward Vault (press E) and click "Reward menu":

    Here you can buy fancy stuff with your ARc Bars. There are a few categories to let you find your reward faster. You can choose an item or dino to buy, or get your ARc Bars to physical items. Click on the item's category, then choose an item from the list (make sure the number next to it is correct) and click "Purchase". It will appear in the vault's inventory.

    If you purchase a dino, it will appear as a summon ticket.

    If you purchase ARc Bars, the desired amount will be taken from your account and transfered to physical item. They will appear in the vault's inventory. You can use it to trade with other players (just like you use metal etc.) or as a payment in the Auction House. To add them back to your account, just consume them.

    It's much more convenient to use ARc Bars than Ghost Coins - once exchanged, you can use them as you wish and buy voting rewards without switching to forum and waiting for delivery.

    For details, please read: Big PVE Cluster Update: Ingame-Currency & Shop & Dino Preview


    Alternate way - eg. if there are issues with the rewards mod:

    To receive the reward create a support ticket and provide the following information:

    • player name
    • tribe name
    • server on which you want to have the reward delivered
    • base coords - with this info we can deliver the reward even when you are offline, so it's recommended to provide it; if you prepare a storage for the reward - please take a screenshot of it while holding a GPS in your hand so an admin can find it faster
    • reward of your choice

    The Ghost Coins will be withdrawn from your account by a teammember.

    How to transfer Ghost Coins?

    Look at the top-right corner of the page. Find the coin icon. Click on it.

    It will expand, showing you your transfer history and icon "Transfer". Click on it.

    Now a new window will pop up. Here you can enter the transfer data. Make sure it is correct!

    After you fill all text fields, click "Submit".

    That's all. Coins have been sent.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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  • The payout script is currently not working, I got my last Ghost coins an Tuesday and voted every day since then.

    Yes we know. It's like this every start of a new month. We gonna fix it today.

  • Kat

    Changed the title of the thread from “How to earn Ghost Coins (GC) and buy voting rewards?” to “All about Voting Rewards, Ghost Coins and ARc Bars”.
  • I see people randomly peeking here, and asking in Discord, so to clarify if you missed the info: the reward mod has been updated and requires a heavy maintenance, so currently ingame rewards aren't available until further notice. At the moment you can exchange your ghost coins and use arc bars for trading with other players.

    Voting rewards won't be available on Genesis in the first four weeks after release.

  • Not sure if this is the right place to post but I noticed in the reward vault that the exchange for 1 arc bar cost 10 rather then 1 is this intended or a bug, I know nobody is likely to withdraw 1 but then that would defeat the object of having the option to :S

    I now have a 1 lonely arc bar sitting in my vault until I transfer more in :D