Teleporters on aberration.

  • Now that we've opened everything more and allowed transfers I feel like teleporters should be enabled.

    Allows for easier travel between your main base and outpost etc.

    There's no point for them to be disabled otherwise it's constantly using transmitters or transferring with beds.

    Why not enable them?

  • Agree. It's already bad enough that Wildcard didn't even include a server option for this, instead just decided that everybody should play Abe without teleporters. Luckily, S+ Teleporters can work (with DisableTeleporterOnAbberation=false).

  • Guys, Wildcard dont want Teleporters an Abe, and Kogadins disabled the S+ Teleporters!!!!

    I agree with Kogadins and im sure its ok if they stay disabled...

    It should still be a challenge

    i hopw u can understand me

  • Well the challenge dissapeared after the transmitter change

    So there's no difference may aswell enable it.

  • Yeah I don't think we need them either, especially with transmitters now working you can easily transport dinos and materials.

    That's kinda the point though, it doesn't pose any more of a challenge. It's just a bit more tedious. Unless you find it challenging having to fly there instead of teleporting. Apart of that, Abe isn't challenging after the first few days anyway. :P So basically same for transfer disabling, it wasn't more challenging, it was just tedious.

    Leusele, Wildcard doesn't want you to be able to pick up stuff again either.... :D

  • if you see it likes this better disable transmitter and stuff again :P

    Well people decided to enable the transmitter method, I don't mind it but you may aswell enable teleporters because they pretty much allow the same mechanics.

    Transmitters were made useful to create more population for aberration but it took away the challenge of transporting dinos/players through the zones etc.

    Having a teleporter will do exactly the same thing transmitters are allowing us right now, it makes it easier to travel/transport around.

    Enabling teleporters wont hurt because the damage was already done by the transmitters uploading/downloading.

  • Should we enable teleporters on Aberration? 17

    1. No, but with more text (9) 53%
    2. No (8) 47%

    Lets do this with a vote:

  • Sorry guys, vote is pretty clear.

    You can place a bed somewhere, travel to another server with the transmitter, travel back spawn at the bed located somewhere else.
    Still having all your stuff because stuff transferring is enabled. Pretty much doing the same concept as teleporters.

    Enable both or disable both my vote goes to enabling both.

  • the last time I talked to Kogadis about THAT THEME, it was very bad and by now I am kogas opinion ...

    Please disable it ... it's better that way

    I don't understand what you're trying to explain..

    Write german if it's difficult I can understand german.

    Also another big thing is you can travel with your bed and cryo chamber your stuff back.

    So it's the same way as teleporting but you step into a cryo chamber and receive your stuff back.

  • Momo, you know that I often support your opinion, but I can only advise you as a buddy to just leave it as it is, I've been playing Abe for a long time and get along really well without a TP.