Short question - even shorter answer

  • Is it possible to deactivate the chat-color-plugin? i mean waiting for a fix takes obviously longer then expected and the chat readability would benefit from it.

    This would be amazing. I personally would love to see it disabled temporarily (until fixed ofc) and I know many others would love it too. It's a pretty common topic in the Global chat of Ragnarok :p

  • Mind that the plugin has no on-off button. It can be removed, but once it's fixed (if it ever will be) it would need to be installed again, with the entire configuration.

    Wildard permanently blocked the possibility to color player names, so currently we can only have custom player icons, tags (like donator, admin etc) and colored messages ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Quick question - If I use the ordinary cloning chamber instead of the S+ version - can I level my dinos again? Or do they still take the levels from the original as they do with the S+ version?

    I've just tested it.

    Vanilla cloning chamber doesnt't clone added levels, it's also more expensive and takes twice as much time to clone as s+.

  • im not sure about this but i think the vanilla cloned dinos wont keep the imprint.

    so overall, i'd say keeping the original dino non-leveled , would be the best option. you will keep the advantage of both s+ and vanilla.