Alpha basilisk

  • Yeah i Totally agree on That, I Hunted for like 3 Full days, found a very low amount of Normal basilisks, a few of them was Stuck in walls and there was no sign of an Alpha on the Entire map,and its not just me and Anne, There are a lot of Other players that hunted those Basilisks as well and found none. i would appreciate to get like an Alternative, maybe a Manual alpha spawn once every week or so? would be really cool.

  • Well this is a legit thing in my opinion nobody like pay2win i never mentioned money you did first.

    We can all agree nobody force you to do tath but we just was asking if something could be done

  • If i don't care about our player, i would just close the server (i didn't play ark in the last few months.. just saying).

    I don't need people, who said something like you did.. I have better things to do than listen to such nonsense:


    oh so i guess you dont care about player but onl if they donate?

  • Could we please not start something like this again?

    While i agree that this issue is extremly annoying and kinda blocking progress(or extending the time it would normaly take) its not something thats up to the admins of each unofficial server to fix but an issue that should be adresses by wildcard.

  • Hold your horses, Burialarmach.

    People do ask us all the time to take care of all the propblems Wildcard causes, especially after the big patches, and ranges from random game crashes, desycn and lag, over respawn delays, low number of dino XY, empty nests to bugged bosses and mod issues... You just don't see all the support requests as we now use the ticket feature. Your "problem" is the same people had with Spinos on Ragnarok and the artifacts and is a balancing thing Wildcard has to address - we don't program Ark (duh).

    A fix for the stuck Basilisks has been added to the TLC update and will be applied some time tomorrow. That's 24 hrs!

    Until then you can do the same as anyone else did or does - grinding. If you don't want to do that, then just wait for the fix like everybody else or take the shortcut and use the voting rewards to get a few spawns. Your accusations however are right out ridiculous.

    EN | Voting Rewards

    [...] a few of them was Stuck in walls and there was no sign of an Alpha on the Entire map, [...]

    - Fixed a case where certain creatures would get stuck under the map/inside the map when colliding with larger creatures (most noticeably seen the Rock Drake and Basilisk)…tes-pc-eta-february-10th/

  • Im REALLY hoping they fix the wall spawns with the TLC but i dont think thats what the collision fix means(rather its about dinos pushing dinos out of border)

    And we cant buy alpha spawns(which is the only most of us care about) so all we have left now is hope that it gets fixed by the pass ;(

  • And we cant buy alpha spawns(...

    Says who?

    "Dino Spawn with random Lvl and without tame" would give you the chance to farm a few alphas and "Only dinos available that spawn on the map by default" doesn't exclude Alphas in any way.

    Also, by fixing the collision issue you are able to kill the Basilisks that you couldn't kill before and increase the chance of an alpha spawning. The rest is a matter of time and patience. Our tribe had to dozens of Quetzals for two weeks until we got one that we wanted (150 female). Grinding is part of Ark.

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  • Says who?...

    Voting Reward

    They do :igelcry:

    Ive been looking for alphas for the past 3 weeks now and killing the basilisk that are stuck in the walls is no problem actually...IF you find them that is, the only tool that can help you find them there is the tek helmet, which can be rather finicky and they have some of the weirdest spawns ive ever come across(excluding stuff spawning on redwood trees ofc)

  • Weird to see people being so selfish cocky and spoiled at the same time, they dont even understand how much effort Owners, Admins and Moderators(and all of the other kind of staff/support/active helpers) it costs to provide a server for us to play on, its not just some money they throw at a host and poof you got a server, its way way way more then that...please for all other people, respect the staff team<3 xoxo

  • OK i see, a few people wants them.. so give them theirs alphas.

    Thank you. :)

    Hey All could the admin not make a option to buy scarce tribute on the voting reward store. This should even increase the smount of votes.

    We had it at some point for Spinos but except for one tribe that only thought about purchasing it there was no further interest. About a week later Wildcard patched the Spino spawns on Ragnarok (finally) and we removed the option. We still have the tribute transfer as voting reward though and was recently purchased, so you can take advantage of that, too.
    Now that Calaban changed his mind and Alphas are included in the random spawn there should be no problem for players to keep on voting and grinding and getting alpha tributes (until further adjustments are done by Wildcard).
    Also, an option to buy (every) rare tribute would make it too easy for bigger tribes and cause the opposite; they play for two weeks or a month and have everything, then probably move on and we have more abandoned places to take care of. You may argue that we just have to adjust the prices and that would make it even more difficult for smaller tribes or single players to get the tributes and cause the same frustration and also interfere with the commerce on the PvE server. Not to mention the balance problems for PvP or further discussions why onyl PvE has the option but not PvP, that it's unfair yadda, yadda...
    I think your requests and Calaban's change of heart is the best of both worlds and everyone can live with.