Too close to enemy foundation

  • Hello, i'm building a base somewhere and it doesn't let me place auto turrets because it's too close to an enemy foundation. I was looking around to find the foundation and i found it glitched into the terrain. This is a huge problem because i can't damage it and i don't know from whom it is. Can you please help me? I tried sending a picture but it wouldn't let me because the file is too big.


  • Hello, my name is Fargo steam id:76561198258443162

    I play on the pvp servers (ragnarok) on ghostdivision. My tribe is called Nightshop Paki. We started building our base around 41.2 / 29.0 and when we progressed, who noticed that we couldn't place auto turrets because it was too close to an enemy foundation. I looked around in the area and there were 2 metal foundations glitched into the terrain, so i couldn't damage them or see who the owner was. I don't know if it's the only foundation that is blocking me from placing turrets.


    Thanks for helping me out.