Posible admin abuse. Oil Missing

  • I'm just bringing it to the attention of the main admin. I'm on the ragnarock PVE server. Its located at 42, 55. The Oil Pump is locked. Thus no one but me and and admin can access it. Why was it almost empty when I went to empty it after 2 days. And oil pump does not only produce 350 oil in two days. It produced 150 just in a couple of hours. So who is the admin that dont ask if they need oil and just help them selves. This mean that admin can also go into out bases and help them selves.

    Please sort this out since we dont want untrustworthy admin.


    Willem (Salty)

  • 1. "Pumps eventually stop producing oil and need to be replaced." - ARK Wiki

    2. Like Dinos and all other structures etc. in that region, if nobody is close to it, the whole area goes into stasis (less resource consuming "sleeping mode" state), this also affects production of items. That is also the reason why you're not full of eggs or achatina paste after a night.

    3. "cheat giveitemnum 162 5000 0 0" seems easier for me than going around and stealing peoples stuff as an admin. Except for when you really annoyed somebody, lol.

  • Very bold Claim with no sense whatsoever to it....

    As Leyren already explained, if oil pumps are not loaded, they don't produce oil. Inform yourself next time before you make such ridiculous and offensive Claims.