PvE Ragnarok Server not Functioning After Restart

  • C'mon guys, no need to open a thread on that topic every 10 minutes, the admins are aware and working on it. There is no payed support, so just be patient. I know, it is quit hard to live in the real world without dinos. Just try to tame a girlfriend or something like that :D

    €dit: I know, there is no thread about the Ragnarok downtime yet, but I bet it is the same problem as center and I bet any admin wouldn't just fix the center and leave Ragnarok offline, just because there was no forum thread

  • Funny response. A little condescending, but funny :D

    The only reason I post on here is that many complaints have been made by admins on discord when people talk on there about servers being down. I'm not aware of how things work in the background of these servers, but as it's been explained to me, unless it's on the forum, don't expect it to be fixed. Perhaps I was misinformed or misunderstood. ;)