EN | Voting Rewards

  • Voting Reward Price Remark
    Dino spawn with random lvl and without tame 1x 75 Ghost Coins
    3x 200 Ghost Coins
    Only native dinos available on Aberration
    No Alpha creatures
    Transfer of Elements within a cluster
    100 Ghost Coins No transfers on PvP
    Custom dino color of your choice 1x50 Ghost Coins
    3x 120 Ghost Coins
    Colors are heritable
    EVENT: Double XP for one weekend 500 Ghost Coins Max. every 4 weeks
    Only one event per weekend
    EVENT: Double Breeding for one weekend 750 Ghost Coins Max. every 4 weeks
    Only one event per weekend
    EVENT: Dino Scan Weekend
    750 Ghost Coins
    Max. every 4 weeks
    Only one event per weekend
    Dino 100% Imprint 100 Ghost Coins We will not change imprint player

    You can find all the other rewards in our reward vault ingame!

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    Questions and answers so far:

    Q1: "Already imprinted dinos cannot be imprinted again. What does that mean?

    A1: We can only improve the imprint value. If it has no imprint so far you can imprint it getting the full 100% imprint. However if the dino was already imprinted by someone else we can raise it to 100%, but it will still be imprinted to that other person.

    Q2: During events....

    A2: No. No voting rewards during those events.

    Q3: Which colours are available?

    A3: We can only use those colours: Color IDs

    Q4: If I buy a wyvern is it fully matured/ imprinted / egg?

    A4: The wyverns are fully grown and without imprint.

    Q5: Will we add leveling dinos as reward?

    A5: No. Don't bother asking.

    Q6: Can dino xy be imprinted?

    A6: Only dinos that do have a growth cycle can be imprinted. If there is no baby variant out there, we can't imprint the dino.

    Q7: If I purchase ''Max. Lvl Phoenix + Perfect Tame'' does it have 100 imprint?
    A7: No it will be at lvl 225 BUT you can also purchase an 100 % imprint

    Q8: Can aberrant versions be ordered on island, ragnarok or centre?

    A8: They can, because you can transfer them from aberration to other maps anyway.

    Q9: with the custom colour for a dino, is it 50gc for one colour zone or can you do the whole dino for 50gc?

    A9: whole dino for 50gc!

    Q10: Considering the amount of GC it costs I'd prefer being able to at least have two to choose from so I don't end up with a Phoenix with 55 points in food.

    A10: Nope. You get what you're given. Don't like the stats? Order a new one.

    Q11: if you pay to raise a creature's imprint to %100, is it possible to raise the imprint after the creature is fully grown already?

    A11: Yes, it is.

    Q12: Do you get to chose the gender of the dino you ordered or is it just random?

    A12: You can Order it in the Reward Vault (Randome/M/W)

  • Sure. Just open your Reward Vault, choose "Basilisk" and click "purchase", then use the received ticket to spawn it. It will come on level 225.