we got total wiped from the server

  • We were total wipet last night by the Tribe KOHONES

    But the Tribe kohones does not seem to care about these rules.

    They destroyed the entire base. After they had blown open the doors,we hade almost all crafting stasions open and, but theyblow everything up with c4.

    Even the passives were killed without exception.

    This behavior is not allowed according to server rules and I was pleased if you could check that once.

    I also upload the Tribe Log.

    i did log of when the raid started since it was just me online and i did expect a tribe like that to keep

    the server rules and not total wipe us from the game so now we log on and we are back with a total useless base with no dinos to rebuild

    i did pick this server since it had rules that was fair so i hope we can come back ingame and get some justice for this rule breaking tribe.

    Only did post this since they did breake the main rules on this server if they had stuck to the rules you have, it would been all fair game but this is just too much for us.

    Server PVP Ragnarok

    Coordinates of base about 30/20

    My Steam ID 76561198023551301

    Tribe Lords two Members Steam ID Members: 76561198023551301 76561198246922192

    Attackers Tribe: Totatoes members or location not known to us.

    Screenshots in appendix.

  • Hello Mate

    1. if you got wiped there wouldn't be any foundation left

    2. if you log out while we raid, what do you think we will do?

    3. We saw that there were some unlocked structures, we tried not to blow them but c4 has some splashdmg, you know? what do you think how

    long will a craftingstation last if someone wants to blow the locked workingbench that is standing next to the craftingstation?!!?!?!

    4. we had to break through many doors (your work) and if you put a craftingstation next to a door. What exactly do you think if we want to enter that one? We blow

    the door with c4 or rockets.

    5. You had your generators well hidden - thats why we had to enter every room. There were still turrets shooting.

    6. There is no rule like killing passive's is forbidden - you could have put loot in them to hide it from us.

    Its by the way really!!!! bad behavior to put locked and unlocked things side to side and report if someone blows the locked thing but

    the unlocked thing is destroyed aswell. It looks like you hope for that to report anyone who is raiding you. Thats not what I call a fair player - wasnt that

    what you call yourself?

    Im getting annoyed by ppl who alwas try to report someone who's raiding according to the rules. Specially with few evil tricks like

    placing unlocked craftingstation next to locked fabrikator or what ever...

    By the way:


    i did log of when the raid started since it was just me online and i did expect a tribe like that to keep

    You know., that is combat log and that is aswell forbidden.

    And last but not least, keep in mind we are raiding according the rules. Don't blame us as a "rulebreaking tribe".

    Sechmet - told you :D

  • lol are you for real ??

    1. oki not wipet but you did blow up more then you needed

    2. no porblems with been raidet but raid and breake much more then needed is not fear

    3. no crafting stasion was lockt so that is just bs from your side and guess the lockers on the other side that was open was part of your blow radius ???

    4. no crafting stasion was near any doors so that just bs

    5. no problems

    6. passiv dinos killing well cant fight back so ye we did hide meat in it

    7. guess you get this alot so many change the way you raid then try pick of bigger tribes not small once that trying to build up for more fair raids or maby you just like killing small tribes that cant defend

    8. you did NOT RAID ccording the rules in our eyes but we are new so what do we know

  • Oh I actually havent seen that there was another commentary,

    1. We blew up everything what was locked aswell as doors and a hand full of ceilings to get to the 1. floor since there had to be a generator and the turrets were still shooting on the roof. Everything else what got blown is called "splashdamage" by rockets and c4

    2. I think point 1 is good for point 2. Everything what could contain lood or everything to get into the room of loot (doors). is what we need to blow

    3. Again like point 1. splash damag. A crafting station is like havin 0 hp maybe you should put everything into vaults. Aswell we were in hurry, so we tried

    to get up in the 1. floor since the time would prevent damage soon. Its nearly impossible to bomb in where you want without splash dmg @ unlocked structures.

    4. watch point 3.

    5. finally a point where we are same mind

    6. thats true but you could have hide loot inside. A Dino is able to war everything like metal, weapons and such. We cant know so we check

    7. its orp protected we raid who ever is online and who ever we want to raid.

    8. Im pretty shure we did since we play here for a long time and have a good understanding about the rules here.

    and for the second commentary:

    Playing - getting raided - quitting server?

    To be honest and not being mean: maybe a pve server suits you better, I want you to have a more chilling feeling in ark.

  • i did log of when the raid started since it was just me online and i did expect a tribe like that to keep

    the server rules and not total wipe us from the game so now we log on and we are back with a total useless base with no dinos to rebuild

    • Exploiting the ORP is forbidden. The start of a raid must not be within the 30-minutes timer. Repeated combat logging (going offline) of a defender while a raid is going on is rated as exploitation too.

    That's a rule break too. The ORP starts 30 minutes after you log off. So the attacking Tribe needs to be fast, because you can't loot stuff, when the ORP is active.

    I got videos from the Raid

    They does not specific destroy the unlocked stuff. It gets destroyed from the splash damage, when they open other locked stuff or when they try to open the walls on the second floor.

    So no rule was broken