• hey

    When a admin cheat you ban the player and close the tred before i could reply Report admin cheat

    I played over 800 hours on PvP server so i don't no if the Admin var playing or helping other but when a player on a bird dragging 3 allosaurus and fly right trough my metal building and land in front of men and drug me and no explosions so i oped the door and assume the allosaurus killed him but passe out and could not see , but still no 1 explosion and was picked up to the water

    my nabor attacked me before and mots of that was normal i have see through windows so could see him trow nada on my gate and ran out so i repaired the door and he dit that 3 times :) but last time my gate was open 12 times and i could just close it before he got in so assume somebody force open my door to help him

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  • So back to blame the player when the admin cheat ? i don,t have you server logs You do! and have been playing 800 houres and lost my base around 1 time per week and not one time i asume the were cheating

    and somebody was reporting this shit back in 2016 !! not just me

  • do you have some proofs?

    I closed your treath because I saw you going of in the forum without a respond.

    We can't help you, if you don't give us any information.

    Think of a shop owner who goes to the police and says someone shoplifted, but can't say what is gone and who was it. Just blame an ghost all the time and say a store opposit of him got shop lifted 1 year ago.