Our PvP rules changed with the wipe, please make sure to read them thoroughly.

Added: Tribe names have to be identical on all servers in the cluster.
Added: Each tribe can define one ORP location per server.

Changed: When logging out with active PvP-Cooldown the ORP-timer is 45 minutes
Changed: Ragnarok/Valguero: Building around the wyvern trench or in the wyvern cave is not permitted.

Removed: Teaming is forbidden in all raid activities.
Removed: Raid protection is only granted if your main base got raided.
  • Gentlemen

    I'm Zaryk from Tribe Lusos and I'm going on holydays for 3 weeks starting on the 21st of July and coming back on the 14th of August.

    My Mate Volmortas will continue ensuring the regular evolution of the Tribe playing regularly in particular during the weekend for longer time. We have an outpost at 19,6 - 30,9 and main base at 24,5 - 29,0.

    I wish you all a good fun time playing and all the best for everyone.

    Kind regards


  • Gentlemen

    May be this is not the correct place to post this message and for that I apologise in advance if that is the case.

    I just arrived from holydays and my mate went now on holydays. During 3 weeks we have coordinated all the events as far as concerns this game. He created new bases on the Island (which I already joined) and on the Center which I have not joined for the moment.

    Before yesterday I went to the Ragnarok server and I have checked everything and made the normal base maintenance and everything was fine. I left my character at home within the main base, coordinates on my first message.

    Today, more or less 1 hour ago 09.00 PM Berlin time, connected to Ragnarok server. Surprise, surprise was dead and no possibilities to respawn other than choose. No beds available. Respawned as close as possible from main base and made the way to it. BIG SURPRISE , all structures have disappeared, base was not there, only the animals. Took an argentavis survivor and went to the outpost. OUTPST doesn't exist anymore as well.

    Reported the issue to the Present ADMIN Boss, which had no answer to situation and informed that would contact the colleagues for investigation.

    Gentlemen, since we have joined Ghost Division (more or less 2 months) we have followed the rules by "heart", we know them. Could you please be so kind to investigate the situation and let me know what motivated this unpleasant situation and what will be the solution for it. We have expanded our activity for The Island and Center on the assumption that we had good fun with you and on the organized way the servers work are in line with our thinking. We believe that it is the correct way to do it. We want to continue to believe that we have done well.

    So please can you be so kind to provide us the reason for the occurrence I have reported and the proposed solution to it in order to revert the situation to the existing status before the occurrence?

    Many thanks in advance, Best regards


  • Oh, so this is probably why... Your post of absence is not in the support forum, so noone reset your timers. We are only looking through the support forum.... On top of that you wrote your mate is online, so this seems like it despawned because of inactivity.

    Kogadins   biehlomatik

  • Oh, so this is probably why... Your post of absence is not in the support forum, so noone reset your timers. We are only looking through the support forum.... On top of that you wrote your mate is online, so this seems like it despawned because of inactivity.

    Kogadins   biehlomatik

    That + this is not a post for leave of absence since he said his team is online and active so they can reset timers. If they didn't reset the timers maybe talk to your team.

  • Thanks for considering my message. So, please clarify me:

    - The fault is mine because I have informed that I was going on holydays for 3 weeks;

    - The fault is mine because I have informed you that my mate would continue to be present on the game everyday or almost everyday;

    - The fault is mine because I have not left the information on the appropriate place on the forum.

    So it seems the solution is clear, you can do nothing for me! Is my reasoning correct or shall I understand:

    - You are going to fix the case (don't know how, but some solution will be proposed to minimize the issue);

    - On my side I'll reconsider my understanding of support (within the forum framework) for further message posting as well as requests, if necessary.

    Many thanks. Kind regards


  • No what we are saying is one possible solution. We did not reset your timers, because you did not leave a note of absence. We did however not destroy your base either, so that depends on wheter you + your mates visited your bases and outposts regularly.

  • Short answer: there is nothing we can do for you

    Long asnwer: When someone says "I am taking a break but i have friends who are still active in my tribe" then we do nothing...because...the service of reseting timers is available only for tribes who are unable to reset timers at all. In your case you had your tribemate/s who could do that for you. As I previously stated you should talk to your tribemates not us because they were playing. Also playing on one map and not playing on another doesn't make you eligible for the "timer resetting service" as it is easy for you or your tribemates to travel to that specific server and reset it.

    To further prove that we already told you that we won't reset your timers if you have other active member please read the 3rd post (which is mine). In that message I stated exactly what I just wrote yesterday and what I wrote right now.

    So I don't know what you expect us to do but we can't give anything back.

  • Thanks for answering and you don't need to be aggressive, I have treated the issue very calmly since the beginning, even from your first message in reply to my message informing that I was going on holydays.

    You are mixing up the issues:

    - I went on leave on the 21st of July, passed on the server one week later and came back from leave on the 14th of August:

    - During my holydays my mate came regularly to the server and we have met on the weekend I passed as told above. Last time he went to the server was on the 12th of August. More on that day he had an attack from an Alpha rex that have destroyed a gate from the Vikings bay side. He rebuilted to recover the situation;

    - On the 15th of August I have been present on the server on the 15th of August and everything was OK and my character was left within home . Yesterday the 16th of August all the structures have disappeared and my character was dead.

    I kindly requested you to explain the reason for the current situation, which you still have not done.

    Thanks in advance, best regards

  • Well, lets make some maths... i went on holidays monday morning. I went on server last sunday. That means 11/8 . Today is 17/8. That does not make 7 days of inactivity. What could possible make even main base and outpost disapear???? Zaryk went on ragnarok server 2 days ago so... if any tribe member will reset timer, that means that the timer was on 2 days no more. Repeat, what could possible make even main base and outpost disapear????

    "We did however not destroy your base either, so that depends on wheter you + your mates visited your bases and outposts regularly."

    Honestly we dont want nothing back... we can do everything again by our own effort. We did once, we can do it over and over, but what we do want, is a simple explanation for what happen. And that for sure we cant do it without admin help... just give us the truth even if it was a mistake.


    Volmortas aka BeSir1uS

  • just give us the truth even if it was a mistake

    Every admin is recording every base he deletes. Yours is not in the list, so we did not - as I already said several times - delete it. That is the honest answer. I have no idea what happened to be honest, that's why I simply asked here if you are sure that you reset your timers. If you did that is very strange. Also if we would have deleted the base, all dinos would have been deleted, too. Maybe the place where you built was changed with the expansion update?

  • Ok expansion update is possible. And we do belive you admins havent deleted. But as you also say is a very strange situation. Main and outpost, diferent places both gone, and other bases between keeps up. ;(:rolleyes:

  • Many THANKS to Bossmob and snk_artwork for their intervention and effort to try to understand and clarify the situation.

    As Volmortes explained we were trying to understand the situation because we have acted correctly and as we believe you, you also did it. Only "the expansion update" can be a plausible possible reason.

    My mate and myself like to deal with people that are honest, polite and follow the rules in place. Let's continue this mutual confidence, you guys continue to do your work and can count on us to not mess up.

    We consider the issue closed and we'll start rebuilding this weekend

    Kind regards


  • Found your dinos today during check-up, I remember flying by and checking it out a few times, it was a nice base indeed, but the timer was never down, so probably was the update.

    Sorry I can't help any further. Anyways with all those dinos left you should be able to build up again fairly quickly. If you need help, ask away.